Reen's Lo Carb Keto Baking

Locally Made Fresh/Frozen Lo Carb Breads, Hamburger Buns, Hotdog Buns and Dinner Rolls

Bread - 80 cal., 5.9 TF, 5.14 Carbs, 4.26 Fiber, 4.11 Protein:  0.88 Net Carbs per slice

Hotdog/Hamburger Buns - 140 cal., 10.32 TF, 9 Carbs, 7.46 Fiber, 7.2 Protein:  1.54 Net Carbs per bun

Dinner Rolls - 93.3 cal., 6.88 TF, 6 Carbs, 4.97 Fiber, 4.8 Protein:  1.03 Net Carbs

Ingredients:  Vital wheat gluten, oat fiber, ground flax, eggs, butter, salt, xanthan gum, ascorbic acid and yeast (honey to set yeast - no carbs added for honey as it is consumed by the yeast).


Shipping will vary based on weather and location during summer months.  FREEZE upon receipt.