Baker's Deluxe Super Awesome Bread

SuperAwesome! Bread... you have to try it to believe it!

Why MUST you try this bread?

  • Low Carb (1g net carb/slice)
  • High Fibre (9g/slice)
  • Low Fat (2g/slice)
  • High Protein (10g/slice)
  • Low Sodium compared to regular bread (70mg/slice)
  • Sugar, eggs and dairy free
  • Great taste and texture (99% of customers who tried it, liked it) 

** This product is baked fresh weekly and ships Canada wide (will stay fresh 10 days at room temperature. Shipments outside Ontario/Quebec are shipped from our freezer stock for maximum freshness. Upon delivery, keep in refrigerator or freeze to preserve longer **

This bread is a nutritional powerhouse at just 100 calories per slice, low fat (the 2 grams of fat are primarily from the healthy oils of flax omega oils), and 10g of protein.

Nutrition Facts
Valeur Nutritive
Serving Size   1 Slice (50g)
Servings Per Container   15
Calories   100  
Fat   2g
  Saturated Fat   0g
  Trans Fat   0g
Cholesterol   0mg
Sodium   70mg
Carbohydrates   10g
  Fibre   9g
  Sugars   0g
Protein   10g

Ingredients: Water, flax meal, rye meal, wheat gluten, soy protein, organic pea hull fibre, salt, yeast, calcium propionate.

Allergy Information: Contains soy and wheat. Manufactured in a facility that process peanuts, seeds, other nuts and sulphites.